Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4
Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4

Panavision 7-2100 F1.9-13 300x Zoom B4

Panavision Federal Systems
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PANAVISION 7-2100 F1.9-13 300X ZOOM


Largest Ratio Zoom in Existence, created with 12 Time Academy Award Winning Optics Engineer Iain Neil with Panavision’s Primo optics Technologies!! Panavision Federal Systems Lens.



  • 300X Zoom Ratio, 7-2100mm continuous focal length range
  • 300X Panavision Primo Technology
  • 300X F/1.9 - F/13 Maximum Aperture through zoom, constant through focus
  • 300X Infinity to 8'FT Continuous through Zoom and Focus
  • 300X Instantaneous Optical Breathing control at short to medium focal lengths
  • 300X Virtually - Zero Distortion through zoom range
  • 300X Vibration Optically controlled at medium to long focal lengths
  • 300X Very Low Veiling Glare and Ghosting
  • 300X Multiple Groups of Lens Elements moving in nonlinear complex motions
  • 300X Active Closed-loop Internal Optical Stabilization System
  • 300X Bore-sight Stability through zoom range
  • 300X Resolves Approximately 6” inches @ 40 Miles
  • 300X Approximately 25% wider than other lenses



  • PV 300X Weight: 38,5kg / 85lbs
  • PV 300X Close Focus appx 2.5m / 8'ft pending…
  • PV 300X Front Dia: 95⁄8” = 244.48mm
  • PV 300X Lens Mount: B4
  • PV 300X Iris - Blade Count: Pending...
  • PV 300X STBZ: 31⁄4”,  91⁄2”, 101⁄2” 
  • PV 300X L/W/H: 38” x 9in1⁄2” x 101⁄2”
  • PV 300X Bottom Plate: 36” x 6” x 1⁄2”



  • Panavision's Extremely Rare and Amazing Zoom!! 
  • Technologies like no other Zoom in the world! 
  • Ideal lens for shooting Live Sports, NFL, MBL, NHL, 
  • Ideal lens for filming Nature; National Geographic, Bravo, PBS 
  • Professional Broadcast Television for Space, Science and Technology!! 
  • Largest Zoom ratio in a lens ever built!!
  • Retro Zoom & still holding strong! 




“Iain Neil is the recipient of 12 Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement for the design of lenses and optical systems, two Emmy Statuette engineering awards and a Fuji Gold Medal Award in recognition of his lens work in image origination. He has more than 100 worldwide patents issued and applied for in visible, infrared and ultraviolet optical design, entertainment systems, defense, industrial and consumer applications.


“When Panavision’s executive VP, optics research and development/chief technology officer, Iain Neil began working on leveraging some of Panavision’s Primo lens technology to apply to other markets, the highest available zoom lens on the broadcast market was under 100X.


…after four years of development, the company is releasing a 300X zoom lens (from 7mm to 2100mm) for sports broadcasting, newsgathering and the homeland security/surveillance market. “The idea was to take all of our Primo technology, which won all sorts of awards over the years, and migrate it into a product for another market, not the motion picture industry,” explained Neil.


. To get to 300X Panavision had to invent a whole new optical design, which is still patent pending. “A 300X zoom is just not possible with the conventional optical approach,” explained Neil. “One of the characteristics of the new optical design is that there’s virtually no distortion throughout the zoom range. If it were a conventional design, there would be issues.


The lens offers a very wide field of view at the short focal length (25 percent wider than most competing lenses), continuous zoom without the use of drop-in extenders, continuous focusing through zoom, instantaneous optical breathing control at short focal lengths and low distortion over virtually all the zoom and focus ranges. And since it’s based on Panavision’s Primo lenses, it has very low veiling glare and ghosting attributes.

Other features include boresight stability through zoom, and an active closed-loop internal optical stabilization system. “In the object part of the lens we are using a fairly complex focusing system. We actually have multiple groups of lens elements moving in nonlinear complex motions,” explained Neil. “Existing box lenses don’t go this far, although cine lenses have the same arrangement—multiple focusing. So again, we took multiple focusing and said, ‘let’s put that in our 300X zoom.’ This means we can actually focus continuously from infinity down to about 8 feet. It’s a real departure from conventional optics.”



“Free from scratches, pits or fungus with clean and clear glass! Very light cleaning marks on outside of the front and rear elements. Housing, of the zoom, caps, handles show a normal cosmetic ware but are in great condition. The lens has excellent functionality for Focus, Iris, Zoom! PANAVISION 300X has a Lens Stabilization technology and testing is currently in progress - so it is not guaranteed at this time but will update progress. Lens is sold as is, no warrantees or guarantees expressed. Inquire OSC's Engineering team for all questions and development regarding coverage for film and digital sensors.”



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