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Cooke Varopanchro Zoom Lens Set
Cooke Varo-Panchro Zoom Lens set of 3 rental worldwide
Cooke Varo Panchro 14-42 T3 Lens Rental
Cooke Varo Panchro 28-84 T4 Lens Rental
Cooke Varo Panchro 40-120 T4.5 Lens Rental
Cooke Varo Panchro 20-60 T3 Lens Rental


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14-42, 20-60, 28-84 (3 LENS)

Colorful Vintage S35 (LWZ) Light-weight Zooms


⭐️ALSO AVAIL FROM OSC RENTAL DEPT!  ⭐️ Call ☎️ 760-309-2302




14-42mm T3.1 Varo Panchro cf/2’0    146OD   8 lbs

20-60mm T3.1 Varo Panchro cf/2’4    125OD   6 lbs

28-84mm T4.0 Varo Panchro cf/2’4    125OD   6.5 lb w/ 1.4x Ext


VAROPANCHRO - 3 LENS = 1,5k/ day,      3kwk,      8,2k/ monthly



Cooke’s Panchromatic color

Cooke’s Speed Panchro resolution

Cooke Speed Panchro Primes Matching

Cooke’s Excellent close focus (near macro)

Very little optical distortion or breathing

Lightweight “LWZ” like that of the primes!

Arri LMB-25 MATTE BOX - READY w/ 125mm Back

Arri LMB-4A MATTE BOX - READY!! Back in progress




1) COOKE 14-42mm T3.1 Varo-Panchro

1) COOKE 20-60mm T3.1 Varo-Panchro

1) COOKE 28-84mm T4.0 Varo-Panchro

3) COOKE Duclos Motor Brackets

3) COOKE Compatible Zoom Sticks

2) COOKE Duclos 125mm Front Rings

2) COOKE Duclos 125mm Front Caps

1) COOKE Panchro 146mm Front Ring

1) COOKE Panchro 146mm Front Cap

3) ARRI Pitch .08 Lens Gear Iriss

3) ARRI Pitch .08 Lens Gear Zooms

3) ARRI Rear PL Lens Caps


6) RODS 15mm Steel 12"in

3) LENS Support Bracket 15mm

1) OSC Optic 1.4X PL Ext

3) MASTER Case Custom Foam 



Whether Filming on ARRI Alexa 35, RED V-Raptor Digital Cinema or even ARRI LT Super 35 Kodak motion picture Cooke Varo-Panchro’s hold true to delivering unparalleled cinematic performance.


Cooke’s original vintage factory 1960’s, 70’s and even 80’s cinema optics like Cooke Varo-Panchros are the professional cinematographer’s chosen glass to utilize panchromatic color, sharpness and light with matching that of the Cooke Speed Panchro Prime Lenses. For this very reason, Old School Cameras brings you a complete series of matched lightweight Panchro zooms. The 14-42 is the Ultra-wide T3 with 2’ft excellent close focus. Amazing sharpness with minimal distortion and beautiful geometry. 


Old School’s Cooke 20-60 T3 Varo-Panchro is at the center of the remaining 3 of the 4 from the fleet!! Our #3 LWZ is the Cooke Varo-Panchro 28-84 T4 w/ custom adapted 1.4x and 4th are OSC’s Cooke 40-120 Varo-Panchro T4.5 w/ 2x Ext specially engineered and calibrated for all TV Episodic, Film productions and Documentaries.


OSC’s un-paralleled matched set of 4 Cooke Varo-Panchro LWZ’s w/ close focus, Cine-servo electronic zoom control. Modernized vintage optics for today’s pro Cinematographer. The ideal for filming documentary, motion picture, narrative, television and any number of projects with the use of zoom technologies.


Non-breathing, with Lightweight, versatility. These were the best built Cooke Zooms as they are virtually variable primes to many DP’s today! We offer Expanders and even 2X Rear Shiga Anamorphic for the series which have had amazing results. Ask Old School about rentals for long-term projects and see also our Cooke S2 Anamorphic Panchro ’64 Prime Lens series!   


Long-term rentals available. Ask about Old School's selection in every format Vintage Optics including; FULL FRAME, IMAX, VISTA VISION, SUPER 35, BROADCAST, SUPER 16, PRIMES, ZOOMS;

Double Speed Panchro's Sets 30, 40, 50, 75

Tele-Panchro's 152, 203, 317, 406, 550

S2, S3 Speed Panchros 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 

Full Frame Panchro's 18, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100 

Super 16 Cooke ARRI Standard Mount Primes

Cooke Taylor Hobson S35 Zooms 

Cooke Vintage S16 Zooms C-mount 

Cooke Varo-Panchro S35 Zooms 14-42, 20-60, 28-84, 40-120

Cooke Varo-Panchro Anamorphic 2x Zooms

Cooke Varo-Panchro FF Zooms and Much More  

Cooke Taylor Hobson Broadcast





Lens Flare for advertisement purposes only and does not represent the functionality or performance from the lens’ in any way. Old School Cameras refers to the term "LWZ" to represent Light-weight Zoom. 

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