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Camera & Lens Services / Repair

Camera & Lens Services / Repair

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Old School Cameras Now Offering Service and Repairs from all formats such as 16mm, 35mm, Vista Vision - 65 Format Mitchell Cameras and Lenses. 

This establishes OSC as one of today's most unique multi-format camera houses for worldwide rental camera packages.

Motion Picture: ARRI 416 PLUS, ARRI 435, ARRI 235, SR3, SR2, Hi Speed, Mitchell Cameras, Moviecam, Bell & Howell Filmo, Eyemo, ARRI 2C, ARRI 2B, ARRI III, ARRI BL4 and BL4s, 35mm Film and Digital SLR, Digital Cinema and even Super 8mm Canon 1014 XL-S, Beaulieu, Nizo many more.Broadcast: IKEGAMI, SONY, JVC, RCA, PANASONIC, CANON.


Checkout OSC's new Vintage Broadcast Division w/ integration for what we call "TIME MACHINES" created from vintage broadcast tube Saticon II, Plubmicon, Newvicon, Orthicon Cameras & CCD. With RGB integration, Hybrid Digi/Analog w/ Ai Interface + Pipeline VFX w/ Post Production for major motion picture films, ground breaking documentaries, international commercials and music videos.

OSC always remembering our former legend Chief Lens Tech & Engineer, Richard Sweitzer, whom was with Angenieux when their factory was in Los Angeles and the US Navy. Richard listened to punk rock and followed Aerosmith - was so unique not one person wasn't intrigued by his charisma - from Paul Duclos to Denny Clairmont and many more.

such as Broadcast, Film and Digital Cinema w/ lenses such as Anamorphics to 65 Vista Vision vintage as well as Cooke Double Speed Panchro's, TelePanchro, VaroPanchro to TLS Canon K35, Canon FD and our TLS Heritage series collection super 35 Kowa Cine Prominar, Super Baltar, Cooke Speed